HGGM400 - 320кВт
Непрерывная мощность кВт/кВА 320/400
Фактор силы 0.8
Номинальная скорость об/мин
частота Гц
Тип зажигания

Свеча зажигания
Тип губернатора

Электрический дроссель
Номинальное напряжение В 400
конфигурация 10V
размер ДxШxВ мм 3500*1500*2000
вес кг 3900
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  1. Features
  2. Equipment
  • Googol gas combustion engine are specially designed and manufactured for Natural gas, Biogas.
    Googol gas Power generator are equipped with Germany MOTORTECH and HEINZMANN ignition and gas control system.
    Cost effective most advantageous clean energy solution with advanced USA based manufacturing technology.
    CHP & CCHP available as per requirement of customers.
    Honny Power manufacture and test it’s product under strict QC rules to insure international manufacturing standards.

  • Googol Gas engine with alternator, 400V/1500rpm/50Hz
    Ignition System: Ignition controller, Ignition coil, Spark plug, High pressure wires, Sensor
    Air/Gas Mix System: Air/gas mixer, Controller, Pressure sensor, NOx sensor
    Detonation System: Detonation controller, Sensor (only for J Series)
    Gas Train: Ball Valve, Gas filter, Gas Regulator, Gas Control Valve
    Comply with ISO8628 national standard and ISO9001 quality standard.

    Specially designed horizontal/vertical, engine driven/electrical radiator.

    Industrial, Residential silencers
    Catalytic converters
    Heat exchangers
    CHP & CCHP
    Special spark arrester silencers
    Standard set for "CE" certification
    Sound & Weatherproof canopy optional
    Spring, seismic anti-vibration mounts
    Advanced facility for FAT.


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